You should definitely submit something to post here.

Here’s some rough guidelines. Your post should be:

On a topic related to grassroots/DIY/alternative arts. This could be a lot of things, including: something newsy (i.e. space opening/closing, call-for-actions, fundraising), something you’ve been struggling with in your work/experiences (could be logistic! could be political! who knows?), why $5 shows could be the sweet spot, issues that prevent access to arts spaces, economic impact, a cool zine or book you read about this stuff, how paint color might affect your event¬†experience, I’m derailing, I’m derailing.

100-200 words minimum. I’m excited about this being a space for learning, and that means room for half-baked thoughts. But a little more baked than 50 words.

Non-oppressive. No room here for racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or classist thoughts.

Relevant, timely. Does your subject relate to something happening now, that just happened, or is about to happen? That might cover all of time, but it would be especially cool if that fell somewhere in this last month.

Have a few more questions? Ready to submit? E-mail me at and we’ll do the thing.


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