Mobile social justice museums, DIY game development residencies, youth collaborations, oh my!

GRASSTRONEWS is a roundup of happenings from grassroots arts spaces around the country for the last month-ish. Is something missing? It probably is. Submit it here

-Pop-Up culture is very real right now. Pop-up shops, shows, dinners….and all those books?!?! For all those babies?!?! Come on! Anyhow, the Museum Of Impact is taking that format to an entirely new level with a mobile social justice museum. They just celebrated their launch last night in New York. Their exhibitions will focus on social justice issues intended to catalyze debate and dialogue.

-Feel so burnt out that Cap’n Crunch as dinner feels like an accomplishment? Do you feel the passive-aggro rays of everyone you work with quietly resenting you? Cool! This could continue to be your existence, or you could learn how to make space for yourself and others at MuseumCamp 2015, a radical sleepover camp in a museum. Applications are due in a couple of weeks, so look into it now dogs!!

-Three huzzahs! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! Creator Space has officially opened in Temecula, California. It’s a makerspace, it’s sometimes a gallery/showspace, and also is the new temporary home for The Dial collective.

-Are you an NYC-based game developer with a serious need for working space and/or access to a DIY arcade room? Apply for a residency with Babycastles, an independent game developer collective in Manhattan. Some perks include lunches with visiting gamemakers, a large communal workroom, and the ability to reserve the gallery for game launching or testing.

Bridgetown DIY is the new home base for La Puente Youth Arts, an arts-for-social-justice program in…ya guessed it, La Puente, California. Inspiring collabs!

In case ya missed it…
A totally comprehensive guide to ‘Why DIY artists should care about this week’s net neutrality developments’ on THE MEDIA.


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