Grasstronews – Co-peopling Style (1/27/15)

Co-habitation! Co-working! Co-oping! It’s all here in this week’s round of happenings from a small pool of DIY spaces this side of the sun.

(Don’t see something here you think should be? Well, submit your news here already.)

  • While The Dial is temporarily spaceless post-loss of their Temecula, California venue, they have partnered up with Creator Space. Creator Space is similar to The Dial, with a heftier focus on tech, education and workshops. “We are partnering with them by using the space as an extension of The Dial by administration and teaching,” said founder Kyle Napalan. They’ll be partnering up on upcoming gallery nites, as well as providing a home for everyone in The Dial Collective.
  • Brave snow for bread, flashlights, or co-working in a game design collective. Babycastles launched free co-working space this week from 10AM-6PM in their Manhattan space.
  • Don’t Yell ‘Fire’ in a Crowded UCSD Bureaucracy!’, or, how The CHE Cafe just posted one of the most exhaustive run-downs of the history of their co-op. It’s complete with day-by-day accounts of contention with the UCSD administration in their process of evicting them, and how their supposed breach of “safety” via fire code doesn’t actually apply to them, anyway.

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