Sleep over in a museum. Wake up better at what you do.

Sleep over in a museum. Wake up better at what you do.
MuseumCamp 2015 explores personal and shared space. And it’s part retreat, part summer camp, part unconference.
By Elise Granata

You know what’s the worst? Burn-out. It’s as if all of your sleepiest days, mercury in retrograde, and hundreds of your worst dinners (spaghetti taco! spaghetti taco!) conspired against you to make you tired, less funny, kinda mean, and perpetually blanking on any good ideas. But wait! There is a solution, and its name is time off. But wait again! You probably can’t do that. If only the type of work you do, the very same kind of work that burns you out, also supplied the resources for you to recharge! You work with youth till 9 or 10 every night, or you’re fundraising on the side for your dream project, or you are literally building an arts space. You have an all in mentality for your grassroots, independent, or non-profit hustle but when you need time to step away for a break folks dare to make you feel bad by calling it “a labor of love.”

And then there was MuseumCamp 2015. A chance for you– any age, level, work background– to gather with 100 creative changemakers from around the world at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History to focus on one thing, and one thing only: SPACE.

This is a weekend (August 7-9) full of workshops, freeform dialogue, and long walks on the beach to unpack the theme of SPACE in two ways:

  1. How to make space for yourself. Self-care, reflective practice, defining new creative ways to do your work.
  2. How to make space for others. Communication, collaboration, co-creation, in all the nation, in most situations!

You can explore either, you can explore both. You’ll get to meet other folks working hard to make change in the arts, social justice, and creative fields. It’s part retreat, part unconference, part summer camp. And you should definitely, absolutely, 100% apply.

Illustration by Beck Tench

Illustration by Beck Tench

How exactly is space related to your work?  You can make space by empowering others. You can make space by inviting non-traditional partners into your work. You can make space by giving yourself permission or time or a paintbrush. Making space gives us a safe place to feel the fear and courage necessary for us to grow as individuals and organizations.

If money’s an issue, we can help you out. If you have any questions, you can ask me (grasstronaut[at]gmail[dot]com). I’m co-organizing MuseumCamp with my co-people Nina Simon, Sandino Gomez, and Beck Tench. Camp will embrace how much you give a shit, but also empower you to take time– and make space– for yourself.

Learn more, get stoked, and apply here.

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