GRASSTRONEWS – Alt press style (12/16/14)

GRASSTRONEWS – Alt press style (12/16/14)

Accidental hiatus. It happens. GRASSTRONEWS is back– with four less wisdom teeth and a whole lotta cats in a new Santa Cruz house.

  • The Editor-in-Chief of THE LE SIGH, a zine and blog that highlights women in music and art, lost major funds and a macbook after her house was broken into a few weeks ago. Those moneys were intended for releasing their annual zine, so consider replenishing your friendly local alternative press. Read more and donate here.
  • While we’re on that alt press boat, both THE LE SIGH and THE MEDIA have awesome events celebrating big issue releases coming up next week at The Silent Barn in Bushwick. Start stretching to get ready for music, readings, and a panel on DIY publishing. Click here and here to find out more.
  • In somehow-this-is-real-life news, The C.H.E. Cafe are still alive in San Diego even though the University of California at San Diego tried to shut them down…at the wrong address. Yup. Somehow real life. You can continue to donate to save the space here.
  • Bridgetown DIY is networking anti-racist and anti-capitalist resources around LA in an organizing event called ‘Building Power in the Greater LA Area’ on December 22nd. Exciting to see this work not necessarily focused in an urban center.

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