GRASSTRONEWS – Eulogy style (11/4-11/18)

GRASSTRONEWS – Eulogy style (11/4-11/18)

Join the resistance

  • What are you doing at 3AM tonight? Tomorrow night? The next night? Nothin’ much? Join the Rapid Response team to save The C.H.E. Cafe just in case UCSD carries out a court eviction order under the cover of night. You need to live in the San Diego area, and be readily available on a 24-hour-basis. The C.H.E. continues to resist eviction. Check out updates and a story about them here.

“Eulogizing lost art spaces”

New spaces, new birthdays

  • Not all is lost. Follow the mysterious social media presence of new Brooklyn all-ages space AVIV on Twitter or Facebook. Their grand opening is November 21st with Painted Zeros and more.
  • Experimental arts warehouse The LA FORT celebrated their two-year anniversary with a Green Gala! Check out pictures here! Two years is like a walking, talking baby but they’re doing so much more than that!

Good reads from good people

However anti-establishment in spirit, punk has always been tied to money: success means getting signed, getting famous, getting a world tour. Even if rebellious energy or violent imagery remains in the music, economically speaking, punk is just another sales category to the male-dominated establishment.

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