GRASSTRONEWS – Sustainable Style (10/28-11/3)

This is a news dump. But featuring awesome, sustainable work a few projects are doing right now. Not island of trash style.

GRASSTRONEWS – Sustainable Style (10/28-11/3)

  • The LA Fort, an all-ages experimental arts space in Downtown LA, was recently certified through Arts:Earth Partnership, a business certification process that expands sustainability specifically for arts spaces and artists. Cool! Green as heck!
  • 1922421_10204179816049510_7711253001910013473_n

    Want a sticker? Order one from

    Last Wednesday, the Associated Students Council of UCSD adopted a resolution to investigate the C.H.E. Cafe’s eviction lawsuit (read the backstory here). Here’s the fun thing: the ASC represents 20,000 current UCSD students. The voting body who initiated the investigation against the student-funded C.H.E. is the Graduate Students Association (GSA) of UCSD– which represents about 5,000 grad students. Anyway, it’s nice to see this back in the hands of students who directly support and benefit from this space on campus. For now, the ASC have asked the University to hold off on evicting the C.H.E. until their investigation is complete. Shut down the Ché? Expect resistance. (E-mail Cameron if you want a sticker shipped your way).

  • Speaking of Cameron and the Ché…he is working with a crew of folks to produce Taking Space, a documentary telling the story of autonomous spaces in Southern California. They just released some beautiful shots of the Ché’s rally last week and are continuing to edit the film. Follow ‘em!
  • More updates from Pioneers Press— a bunch of whom are still in Portland due to legal fees preventing their return home. They couldn’t say much in their monthly newsletter (court things are still courty), but the “future looks bright”
  • The Silent Barn is offering beginner’s Spanish classes until November 20th! What? There is a sliding scale donation? It’s super participatory? Super incredible that an all-ages DIY space is doing this? Raising the dang bar, folks. The dang bar.

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