GRASSTRONEWS – Inaugural style (10/14-10/21)

Uh oh! New segment! NEWS SEGMENT? What’s it going to be like? Short updates on grassroots, DIY, and independent arts news of the last week you say? You can submit anything I missed here, you say? It’s taken all my self control to not write “all the DIY arts news that’s fit to post,” you s- Oh come ON.

**Trigger warning: rape, sexual assault**

GRASSTRONEWS: October 14- October 21, 2014

  • San Diego judge has ruled for the eviction of the Ché Cafe Collective from their University of California at San Diego space in a historic trial for the all-ages DIY space that has been threatened before, but never taken to court. The fight is not over. The Ché returns to court on October 31st to challenge the Graduate Students Association which allegedly blocked UCSD students from participating in the fight to keep the venue alive. Grab a shirt or donate to their GoFundMe to help support their legal costs here.Update: Bridgetown DIY is hosting an emergency meeting on 10/22 to discuss what they can do to help the Ché. RSVP on Facebook here.
  • Nothing official has been released from last week’s trial between small publishing house Pioneers Press and Microcosm Publishing, but based on vague, happy posts on Tumblr it seems like things went pretty well for Pioneers. You can even buy a “Pioneers Press is Stoked on Life Mystery Pack” here. Up the underdogs!
  • In the wake of comings and goings of Kent Avenue venues, former “homegrown community art space” Glasslands announced its New Years Eve closure today.
  • This was initially a point about a Charm City Art Space campaign, but has been taken down thanks to a friend sharing some history of this collective as an unsafe space. Check out some posts about it here, here, and here.

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