Dial some buttons, use some words, Save the Ché!

A few weeks back I featured a post about the recent lawsuit brought against The Ché Café Collective by the University of California at San Diego. Read that for some context. UCSD has decided to move forward with the eviction process, with a court date slotted for October 10th. This is a maneuver that takes any negotiations off the table that could save this historic, all-ages DIY mainstay.


Here’s a cool thing in a sea of uncoolness: You can help. There’s a massive ‘Phone Zap’ campaign being organized today (Thursday, October 2nd) that will overwhelm the UCSD administration with calls urging them to halt the eviction process, and place negotiations back on the table.

Check out the Save the Ché Phone Zap Action page here. Here’s what you could say:

“Hello, my name is _______ and I am calling to demand that the University of California San Diego drop its eviction lawsuit against the Ché Cafe Collective and return to the negotiating table in good faith.”

Here are the numbers you call:

Phone number of the office of Chancellor Pradeep Khosla:
(858) 534-3135

Work phone number of Chancellor Khosla’s secretary:
(858) 534-5335

Phone number of Asst. Vice Chancellor Gary Ratcliff:
(858) 534-4378

Work Phone number of Asst. Vice Chancellor Ratcliff’s secretary:
(858) 534-4672

If you can’t move yourself to be talkative, you can sign the ongoing petition here. Check out more information about the Phone Zap here.

Meanwhile the Ché is continuing to throw free FEM FESTS, expand their hours and add food (vegan donuts! I SAID VEGAN DONUTS!!), and host fundraising lunches in solidarity with other collective presences on campus. Seriously incredible in the face of this assault.

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